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Summer 2023

What are the benefits of Split Air Conditioning units?

Split air conditioning units have several benefits. Firstly, they are more energy-efficient than traditional style units because they don’t require as much electricity to run. Secondly, they are quieter than other style units because the compressor is located outside. Thirdly, split air conditioning units are more aesthetically pleasing because they are discreet and can be fitted either at ground level or mounted higher on brackets. Fourthly, they are easier to install than ducted central air conditioning systems and can be installed in almost any room. Finally, split air conditioning units allow you to set different temperatures in different rooms, making them more flexible and convenient. 

Here are several benefits to fitting air conditioning in your home :

1. Improved comfort: Air conditioning units help the temperature and humidity levels in your home or office, providing a more comfortable environment.

2. Better air quality: Air conditioning units can filter out pollutants, allergens, and other particles from the air, improving indoor air quality.

3. Increased productivity: A comfortable and cool environment can help improve focus and concentration, leading to increased productivity.

4. Reduced energy costs: Modern air conditioning units are designed to be energy efficient, which can help reduce energy costs and save money on utility bills.

5. Better sleep: Air conditioning units can help regulate the temperature and humidity levels in your bedroom, providing a more comfortable sleeping environment and improving sleep quality


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Winter 2022

Can I still have a Natural Gas Boiler Fitted?

A question that is hot on the lips of the consumer right now. Rightly so following the Government’s recent announcements in the press about the future of heating our homes, the interest surrounding the COP 26 climate control conference in Glasgow, and the entire worlds commitment to carbon reduction. With all this in mind it’s understandable that people are now questioning the future of our current technologies and the source of power which feeds our heating and hot water Boilers.

The answer is YES you are still able to have a Natural Gas Boiler installed in your home and small commercial premises. Natural Gas Boilers currently our main source of heating and hot water are not being imminently banned for use, over the next several years they will simply be phased out. Initially New Build properties from 2025  onwards will be expected to house heat pumps and other sustainable heat sources with carbon reducing options in all new build homes. By 2030 any existing boilers ready for replacements will be changed to Hydrogen boilers, heat pumps and air to air source heating and the like thereafter.

An existing Gas Boiler or any new Gas Boilers purchased and installed right now will be able to run through their life cycle as expected. When the time comes to renew your Boiler, whenever that may be, its then you will be advised by the Installer what your options are depending on the requirements of Building regulations at that time. Its very likely this will be a Zero to Low Carbon option before 2030 and a Zero Carbon option thereafter. The aim all the time being to reduce the carbon footprint within the UK.

Carbon Reducing Technologies are already in place within the Worcester Bosch range, each Gas Boilers in the 2000, 4000 and 8000 range currently offers a 20% Hydrogen mix capability. As accredited Installers we have taken the Green Heating Hero pledge working with our customers to reduce the harmful effects of carbon emissions on our environment. We are reassuring our customers of our continued commitment to working with carbon reducing manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch who are leading the industry in innovation for Hydrogen fuelled Boilers of the future.

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